Proxsys Rx rolls out medication risk management service


Proxsys Rx has launched Rx Risk Management, a medication risk management tool that enables hospitals to reduce healthcare costs by improving patient health status through pharmacy-levered population health management.

Rx Risk Management strengthens patient care by delivering a solution that coordinates the prescription drug therapy and medical care.

"Rx Risk Management takes a team approach to reducing healthcare costs by engaging patient, pharmacy and physician in changing patient behaviors to enhance health status and reduce drug therapy problems," said George Salem, chairman and chief executive officer, Proxsys Rx. 

"It's a win-win. Patients are healthier when they stick to their prescription drug regimens, and health care costs are reduced. A key component is the hospital's ability to validate the change in behavior downstream with claims analysis.”

Rx Risk Management identifies drug therapy problems, provides a means to resolve issues and validates actual prescription and medical savings.

First, patient data is analyzed using dynamic algorithm-based analysis to flag drug therapy problems. Identification triggers intervention that includes physician targeting and patient prioritization. Pharmacist, physician and patient tackle the problem as a team.

Behavioral changes are implemented and claims-based evidence validates the resolution. This proof point is a distinguishing aspect of the proprietary process.

Rx Risk Management can be used on its own or in tandem with the Proxsys Rx Pharmacy Benefits Management program (PBM).

Hospitals, self-insured employers, Accountable Care Organizations, (ACO), MediCare shared savings programs and other organizations are eligible to realize benefits provided through Proxsys Rx services. Benefits include reduced prescription drug costs, reduced medical claims via Rx Medication Risk Management and overall increased quality of care.

Proxsys Rx, the nation's largest Integrated Outpatient Pharmacy Provider, IOPP, provides a broad range of pharmacy-levered population health management services including pharmacy benefit management (PBM), 340B administration, advance medical risk management and claims-based medication reconciliation. 

Proxsys Rx, George Salem, North America