Quantros provides healthcare software to WellOK


Quantros provides healthcare software to WellOK

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Quantros, a provider of enterprise safety risk management, has signed a contract with the WellOK, The Northeastern Oklahoma Business Coalition on Health to provide coalition members with access to CareChex, an information service for data ratings on medical care.

CareChex provides clinical and financial findings to consumers, and offers an evaluation of all components of medical quality including process of care, outcomes of care, and patient experiences.

Stan Schwartz, chief executive officer of WellOK, said: “Our coalition is totally devoted to quality, safety and value in healthcare, and we believe that transparency is paramount for our members to be good consumers of healthcare. We chose CareChex because it offered us the ability to extract and present data meaningfully to our members.

“We plan to provide data to our members to help them make decisions on which providers to incorporate in their networks and also to help their covered members individually choose providers for specific health care needs, especially so-called high risk procedures.”

Shane Wolverton, senior vice president corporate development, Quantros, added: “We are extremely flattered that CareChex was designated by WellOK and will be offered to their members as the benchmark for assessing medical care. This is further validation of CareChex and serves to differentiate this data from other publicly available quality ratings.

“Employers are seeking more value for their health care dollars, and are pursuing opportunities to reduce the upward cost spiral. CareChex is a first step in realizing these goals and advancing the quest for improved employee health.”

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