Research and Markets to hold healthcare compliance conference


Research and Markets to hold healthcare compliance conference


Research and Markets, a provider of market research, is set to hold a conference on healthcare compliance infrastructure and why it is necessary to establish a comprehensive and proactive compliance program.

The conference, ‘Ensure Your Healthcare Compliance Program Reaches Optimal Potential and Protect your Organization” will be held in Seattle on September 22 – 23, 2016.

The session will cover different practices to establish an effective compliance program or enhance a current program to optimal efficiency.

Auditing and monitoring readiness for all size healthcare organizations and understanding and complying with healthcare laws and regulations will also be covered.

Research and Markets will also explain how to conduct an annual compliance risk assessment and develop a work plan to mitigate risk for a practice, hospital or organization. It will cover how to address, manage and mitigate risks identified through auditing and monitoring activities.

The conference will progress throughout the sessions to discuss current government auditing agencies and audits that are underway, as well as an in-depth discussion of government agencies responsible for protecting the Medicare Trust Fund from fraud, waste and abuse.

According to Research and Markets, participants will learn how to identify risks in their organizations, regardless of the size, by conducting a risk assessment and developing a work plan based upon risk that will assist with mitigation efforts.

Additionally, participants will also learn about the Officer for Civil Rights (OCR) audits and how to conduct their own self-assessment in preparation for an audit, as well as address any identified deficiencies.

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