RL Solutions launches real-time surveillance


RL Solutions, creators of easy-to-use healthcare quality and safety software, has launched real-time surveillance for risk managers, a new way for healthcare organizations to prevent adverse events.

By leveraging the surveillance engine already found in other RL products, risk managers can now benefit by having automated, real-time alerts, sent directly to their inbox when specific risk criteria are met that could lead to an adverse event.

"With real-time surveillance, our clients have the opportunity to implement proactive risk mitigation plans as soon as possible and potentially limit patient harm," said Catherine Lathem, vice-president, product management, RL Solutions. "For example, risk managers can now be automatically alerted in real-time if a patient arrives in the ER who has traveled to West Africa in the past twenty-one days, has a temperature of greater than 38.6 degrees Celsius, and symptoms such as headaches and muscle pain."

Sanjay Malaviya, president & chief executive officer, RL Solutions, added: "We are both honored and humbled to work with some of the world's leading healthcare organizations on a daily basis. It is by observing what they do, and learning how they operate, that we are able to deliver solutions that can potentially make a significant difference in a patient's life.

“As RL continues to innovate and grow, we will never lose focus on the organizations that have helped us get to where we are, and we look forward to even more innovations like real-time surveillance for risk managers in the years to come."

RL Solutions, Catherine Lathem, US, Sanjay Malaviya