SCOR Global Life partners with health intelligence company HIL


SCOR Global Life partners with health intelligence company HIL


SCOR Global Life, the international life and health subsidiary of French reinsurer SCOR, has collaborated with data-driven health intelligence company Health Longevity (HLI).

SCOR Global Life will offer its clients access to HLI’s health information services, which generates a personal health risk profile by combining insights from various tests, including full genome sequencing, full body MRI scans and blood samples with an overlay of tests correlated to genetic predisposition to assess “actual” risk.

HLI aims to prevent, reduce or postpone the onset of certain conditions by combining DNA sequencing and expert analysis with machine learning, with the goal of increasing the life expectancy of people over the age of 50 by five to ten years.

“As data-driven health intelligence becomes more accessible and affordable, we see an opportunity to improve the health and well-being of policyholders by offering services that can help extend life expectancy,” said Michael Colannino, chief strategy officer for SCOR Global Life in the Americas. “As a reinsurer, we are eager to contribute to innovation that identifies health risks early and provides win-win outcomes.”

David Karow, interim CEO and chief of radiogenomics at HLI, said: “We believe our partnership with SCOR Global Life will demonstrate the potential for these predictive models to improve risk management capabilities for the life insurance and reinsurance industries, with an even more inspiring benefit in the potential it has to help their clients live longer and healthier lives.”

SCOR said the partnership with the health tech company is part of SCOR Life & Health Ventures, which was established to create a community of trusted partners that will offer SCOR Global Life’s clients access to health and wellness technology.

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