Sedgwick identifies risk management predictions for 2017


Sedgwick identifies risk management predictions for 2017


Sedgwick, a global provider of technology-enabled risk and benefit solutions, has published its predictions of industry trends that employers and risk management professionals should watch this year.

The report, called "Insights for 2017," covers areas including: good health empowerments, regulation transformations, consumer-centric progressions, risk circumventions, and tech modernisms.

"Our colleagues take care of people facing uncertain situations every day, and part of our job in caring for them is to simplify and clarify the claims process," said David North, president and CEO of Sedgwick. "We are committed to making the experience easier and helping our clients and consumers navigate the system.

"To ensure we continue to provide the best possible service and keep our clients informed, our team stays at the forefront of important industry trends. Sedgwick's thought leaders believe the following topics and trends affecting healthcare, the regulatory environment, consumer benefits, commercial risk and technology will be important in 2017, and we will continue to monitor them throughout the year."

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