SigmaCare partners with Health Outcomes Worldwide


SigmaCare partners with Health Outcomes Worldwide

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SigmaCare, an electronic health record (EHR) company for long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) providers, has entered into a partnership with Health Outcomes Worldwide (HOW), an e-health software solution provider based in Canada.

Through this strategic partnership, HOW’s platform how2trak Wound Care will be integrated into SigmaCare’s EHR, enabling clinicians to deliver best practice wound care, improve resident outcomes and reduce unnecessary re-hospitalizations.

By doing this, SigmaCare claims that providers will be better suited to secure preferred relationships with their care networks.

With an increased focus on tying healthcare payments to outcomes, quality and performance, health care providers are looking for solutions and partners to help them elevate their level of care and decrease patient risk.

In long-term post-acute care settings, pressure injuries are considered ‘never events’ which result in large financial penalties and market reputation damage. HOW’s solution, how2trak Wound Care, supports clinicians at the bedside to deliver best practice care in preventing pressure injuries, or proactively healing a pressure injury at early stages.

It also enables clinicians to deliver best practice care for other types of chronic wounds that patients face, such as diabetic foot ulcers, surgical incisions, burns, SigmaCare said in its press release.

According to the EHR company, current customers of how2trak Wound Care have seen significant improvements in wound healing times, wound prevalence rates, cost to treat wounds and in the use of best practice care.

By creating an integrated workflow into the LTPAC market’s most complete EHR platform (including care management, revenue cycle management and customer relationship management), providers are now able to leverage the SigmaCare platform to set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive referral market, according to the press release.

“Our customers are looking for innovative ways to help manage wound care. As leaders in evidence-based care and clinical intelligence, we looked for a partner that embodied those capabilities and experience,” said Steve Pacicco, CEO of SigmaCare.

“Without a doubt, HOW offers the most robust wound care management solution in the market. Wound care management solutions are essential to enabling clinicians to deliver holistic patient care, and by embedding this solution within SigmaCare’s EHR workflow, our customers will be able to provide a higher level of care.

“We are excited about this newest addition to our expansive partner network and giving customers an easy-to-use, evidence-based solution that enables them to achieve their goal of delivering high-quality care.”

Corrine McIsaac, HOW’s founder and CEO, said: “We are extremely pleased to be partnering with SigmaCare to offer how2trak Wound Care to their customers. SigmaCare is a leader in the long term post-acute care market, delivering a world class, end-to-end EHR platform. We truly believe that how2trak Wound Care will make a real difference in how their customers are managing wounds.”

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