SONORIA and PPAHS partner on safety initiative


SONORIA and PPAHS partner on safety initiative

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The Society for Non OR Intervention and Anesthesia (SONORIA) and the Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety (PPAHS) have unveiled a new alliance focused on promoting safety and optimized outcomes for patients undergoing procedures outside of the operating room.

Wendy Gross MD, President of SONORIA and Michael Wong JD, Executive Director of PPAHS have each agreed to serve as advisors to their respective organization's Boards.

SONORIA is an integrated group of anesthesiologists, interventional medicine practitioners, nurses, technologists, physicians' assistants, and all allied health practitioners dedicated to improving the safety of patients undergoing non-OR procedures.

"Both of our organizations believe that improving patient safety requires collaborative effort," said Dr. Gross. "Patient safety is one cornerstone of SONORIA's mission. Physicians and allied health professionals all want the best for their patients. Suboptimal outcomes and untoward events such as those chronicled in the PPAHS blog are powerful reminders of why we all need to be involved in promoting collaborative practice and better interdisciplinary communication."

Wong added that safety has been a core value of PPAHS since its inception. In the past five years, PPAHS has worked to develop and spotlight best practices in opioid administration with the goal of eliminating patient harm, including the creation of a PCA Safety.

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