Sutherland Healthcare introduces full suite of analytics offerings


Sutherland Healthcare introduces full suite of analytics offerings


Sutherland Healthcare Solutions has introduced its full suite of analytics capabilities to help healthcare shift to a value-based and insights-driven industry.

The three primary investments Sutherland has made to support this suite of data offerings include the development of the SmartHealthSolutions portfolio, the acquisition of Nuevora, and the formalization of a strategic partnership with the International Institute for Analytics (IIA).

Sutherland’s SmartHealthSolutions is a cloud-hosted portfolio of technology-enabled, analytics-driven offerings for healthcare organizations.

The SmartHealthSolutions suite is comprised of four key components: SmartHealthChoice, a consumer-centric engagement model to better understand preferences, anticipate needs, and retain a client’s most profitable customers; SmartHealthConnect, an integrated information hub with a unified view of clinical, financial, and operational data; SmartHealthAnalytics, an analytics app library with includes functions to help clients predict customer churn, manage risk, prevent network leakage, reduce no-shows, improve clinical documentation, episode analytics, and SmartHealthAdvisors, Sutherland’s leading team of analytics experts who work with clients to maximize the value of their information assets.

Sutherland Healthcare Solutions’ parent company, Sutherland Global Services, acquired Nuevora, a big data analytics firm, in October 2016.

The acquisition adds to Sutherland Healthcare Solutions’ suite of SmartHealthSolutions and extends its ability to provide clients with in-depth, far reaching data insights to improve outcomes for their customers while retaining their competitive edge.

The partnership with IIA in November 2016 allows Sutherland’s SmartHealthAdvisors to become certified to conduct IIA’s Analytics Maturity Assessment (AMA), another differentiating aspect of its holistic analytics offering.

AMA measures how well organizations use analytics to strengthen decision-making processes and create positive business impacts and helps organizations maximize efficiencies, reduce costs, and capture maximum reimbursement dollars.

“Analytics has always been at the heart of everything we do and our acquisition of Nuevora, combined with our partnership with IIA, positions us very well to further guide our customers on their analytics journey,” said Graham Hughes, Sutherland Healthcare Solutions’ CEO.

“Our entire SmartHealthSolutions suite, which delivers actionable insights embedded into workflow, allows us to deliver measurable improvements of key financial and clinical outcomes for our customers.”

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