TJ Samson is first hospital in Kentucky to adopt Patient SafetyNet


TJ Samson Community Hospital is the first hospital in Kentucky to install Masimo Patient SafetyNet, a remote monitoring and clinician notification system.

“Patient safety is my top priority,” said Bud Wethington, chief executive officer (CEO) of TJ Samson Community Hospital. “We did a lot of research in finding the system that was right for us. After trying several other systems and visiting another hospital that was utilizing Patient SafetyNet, we found it to be a perfect fit for our hospital. The installation was easier than anticipated and we were up and running in a very short amount of time.”

Masimo Patient SafetyNet works in conjunction with Masimo bedside monitors which provide continuous and non-invasive monitoring of oxygenation, pulse rate and respiration, and other parameters.

When changes occur in the measured values, which may indicate deterioration in the patient’s condition, in addition to bedside alerts, Patient SafetyNet automatically sends wireless alerts directly to clinicians.

Continuous patient surveillance with Patient SafetyNet has been shown to reduce the need for rescue events and intensive care unit transfers in hospitals and, as a result, can reduce costs related to these events.

“We are so impressed when we see a community hospital equip their team with the latest in technology to better monitor their patients and improve patient safety practices,” said Joe Kiani, founder and CEO of Masimo. “There are much larger hospitals throughout the country that have yet to install wireless notification systems for supplemental monitoring.”

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