Transcend Insights to integrate population health risk assessment models


Transcend Insights, a population health company, is to enhance its population health and wellness offerings by integrating risk analysis and adjustment tools from actuarial services provider Milliman.

Transcend Insights’ HealthLogix platform will incorporate Milliman Advanced Risk Adjusters (MARA), a suite of risk adjustment tools for population analysis and predictive modeling for the health care industry.

This will provide health systems, physicians and care teams with improved insight into patient populations to assess risk and understand where patients rank within a population in order to eliminate gaps in care and develop proactive and cost-effective care intervention strategies.

By delivering a clear and actionable view into the financial performance and risk measures of a given population, this integration affords physicians and care teams the freedom to make confident financial and clinical decisions.

MARA risk adjustment tools and the data they provide will be incorporated into the electronic workflows of the Transcend Insights’ HealthLogix platform, providing an integrated view of how the population is performing from a traditional financial perspective. This view helps physicians and care teams determine which part of the population requires the most attention while integrating the analysis into daily workflows without the need for separate reports.

“Within population health there is a real desire to better understand the financial performance and risk associated with caring for patient populations. Traditionally, the data needed to make these determinations have lived in separate silos,” said Thomas Van Gilder, chief medical officer of Transcend Insights.

“This integration with Milliman will provide added confidence in care decision making and more closely align patient and financial health performance.”

Diane Laurent, MARA managing director, added: “Having the right analytical and predictive tools is essential when assessing the risks of a population under value-based care. We are pleased to be working with a population health innovator like Transcend Insights.”

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