Turn-Key Health introduces solution for at-risk healthcare companies serving seniors


Turn-Key Health introduces solution for at-risk healthcare companies serving seniors


Turn-Key Health, an advanced illness management (AIM) company, unveiled Palliative Illness Management (PIM), a solution designed for healthcare payers and at-risk provider organizations serving seniors.

Deploying community-based palliative care teams complemented by predictive analytics, and identifying individuals earlier in the disease trajectory, PIM offers a platform to support patient and family caregiver engagement, Turn-Key said.

“The first-to-market offering of its kind nationwide, PIM integrates specialized advanced illness assessments and services in conjunction with supporting medical resources, executing on a strategy that is holistic, data-driven and evidence-based,” says Greer Myers, president of Turn-Key Health.

“Individuals with advanced illness who might otherwise go undetected by traditional means are identified earlier in the progression of disease, ensuring that gaps in care are recognized and closed.

“For payer-driven population health programs, this approach has a positive, significant impact on the overall economic healthcare burden, mitigating patient and caregiver financial consequences and improving member/patient satisfaction.”

According to Turn-Key, PIM introduces a new option that tackles the impact of a senior population projected to grow by 135 percent by 2050, the likelihood that many will experience some form of serious, life-limiting illness, and a pattern of intense spending and over-medicalization of an aging society.

“Individuals often suffer through unnecessary, costly and even harmful treatments, despite overriding expert opinion that when patients have a terminal illness and the outlook for recovery dims, more treatment does not equal better care,” Myers adds.

“The financial and social consequences extend to family caregivers who spend nearly 66 hours a week providing care to a loved one during the person’s last year of life. This erodes earning potential and imposes a profound economic toll.”

“For payers, PIM facilitates rapid market entry, introducing a distinct approach that overcomes some of the most critical and costliest challenges facing the US healthcare system today,” he concludes.

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