Two healthcare systems adopt new platform to enhance data accuracy


Two healthcare systems adopt new platform to enhance data accuracy


Phynd Technologies, a healthcare IT company, has provided two large healthcare systems with its Phynd Unified Provider Management (UPM) to improve and manage the accuracy of their healthcare provider data.

The Phynd UPM platform will be used by the University of North Carolina Health System (UNC Healthcare) to manage more than 35,000 providers across its six hospitals.

The platform will also be used by Franciscan Alliance (IN), who plans to manage more than 50,000 providers across its 14 hospitals.

The UPM platform is aimed at helping both organisations improving financial results, clinical outcomes, staff productivity and regulatory compliance by providing a secure, enterprise IT platform for gathering, managing, and sharing critical data about the licensed providers that care for their patients.

"We rely on many systems for provider data: EHR, credentialing, data warehouse and others. We realized that each system had a subset of what we needed and with different departmental owners/data governance. Phynd's UPM Platform will enable us to use the best information from each system to create one accurate and integrated profile on all of our providers," said Brent Lamm, vice president and deputy chief information officer, UNC Health Care System.

"Provider data impacts so many aspects of our clinical and financial operations and the Phynd UPM platform will help us close those gaps."

Tom White, chief executive officer of Phynd Technologies, added: "In this post-EHR era provider data sits at the core of all hospital operations; however, it is an undermanaged and undervalued asset in healthcare.

“The Phynd UPM enables our clients to immediately improve care coordination, revenue cycle, billing/ordering, referral management, risk management and marketing.

"Overall organizational productivity improves and the organization is better prepared to participate in value-base care initiatives."

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