United Way of Lake County expands program for at-risk children care with Baxter support


United Way of Lake County expands program for at-risk children care with Baxter support

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United Way of Lake County will expand its high-impact program, Success By 6 Home Visiting, to provide at-risk children with early intervention services and healthcare.

This expansion is expected to ensure they reach age-appropriate developmental milestones, with the support of a $25,000 contribution from Baxter International.

The contribution will support a holistic approach to caring for families by providing a home visiting nurse and caseworker to perform safety assessments and wellness checks for more than 10 families.

Over 83 percent of home visiting families have a combined annual income of less than $29,999. Eligible families with infants and pre-school age children who are struggling with poverty, and who have limited access to health and community services, are assigned a home visiting caseworker and a nurse immediately upon their acceptance to the program, according to Baxter.

“The consultation with home visiting staff is designed to improve developmental skills and healthcare needs that will prepare participating children for entry into school, and teach parents the skills to foster their child’s physical and intellectual growth,” Baxter added.

“Baxter is dedicated to sustaining access to care in our local communities through engaging partnerships that meet critical health needs in a practical manner,” Alice Campbell, senior director, global community relations at Baxter, said.

“This United Way program helps ensure these families receive access to quality care and services that will enhance the lives of both parent and child.”

Home visiting nurses are registered nurses through the Lake County Health Department that will provide health assessments to identify health issues, provide health and nutrition education, assess activity levels, provide mental health screenings and monitor safety issues, as well as refer families to area dentists and other health services as needed.

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