University boosts risk management education


MRM Group, a provider of healthcare risk management and patient safety solutions, is expanding its partnership with the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, providing live and online risk education to 15 residency programs and 15 fellowship programs.

UConn’s engagement with MRM Group began in 2008, delivering risk education to seven of their residency programs. Since that time, over 3,000 residents have participated in the program, and as a result, the university has experienced significant, measured improvements.

“We are required to make residents ‘practice ready’ when they leave this institution,” said Dr Jacqueline Nissen, associate dean for Graduate Medical Education. “The residents fully appreciate how a curriculum in risk management and patient safety principles is critical to success as they progress through their training, and we’ve seen greater than 95 percent effectiveness with regard to how it impacts their practice.”

In addition, one of the university’s principal residency training sites has seen a 76 percent decrease in claim frequency since implementing the MRM Group program in 2008, as well as a 99 percent decrease in claim severity during the same period.

Today, the MRM Group program is provided to the university’s residents and fellows as the “Quality and Patient Safety Certificate Program” and successful completion requires passing a comprehensive exam.

“The University of Connecticut’s experience with MRM Group is a terrific success story, and demonstrates the extraordinary impact that risk education and practice change initiatives can have during the formative years that residents spend in clinical training,” said Kevin Kelly, MRM Group’s president and CEO. “Residency programs provide a core foundation of patient safety and risk avoidance habits, and the team at MRM Group is delighted that one of the most respected graduate medical education programs in our region has so deeply embraced this sentiment. We look forward to expanding and deepening our partnership with UConn, and helping to ensure the highest possible levels of patient care with new generations of providers.”

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