Vermont adopts Appriss platform to mitigate drug diversion


The state of Vermont has adopted Appriss' prescription drug monitoring solution to improve patient safety and help deter prescription drug abuse and drug diversion. 

Prescription monitoring programs (PMPs) are state-run programs that track the distribution of narcotics and other prescriptions for federally controlled substances.

Appriss' PMP platform provides access to mandatory pharmacy reporting and offers secure accessibility to data across state lines.

"Appriss is committed to ensuring patient safety," said Krishnan Sastry, executive vice president of Appriss. "Appriss' solution will support providers and dispensers in Vermont to ensure better prescribing decisions and help state administrators analyze patterns of consumption to drive patient safety and health policy."

Vermont implemented the PMP platform in October and joins 23 other states in choosing Appriss' PMP solution to address prescription drug abuse and diversion.

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