Verscend Technologies releases new version of Medical Intelligence


Verscend Technologies releases new version of Medical Intelligence

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Verscend Technologies, a specialist in data-driven healthcare solutions, has released Medical Intelligence v7.8, a step forward in the value that its performance analytics solution delivers to payers and other organizations managing healthcare risk.

The new release features a suite of pre-built graphics and dashboards that kick-start organizations’ data analysis and reporting initiatives, providing a more streamlined path to insights about healthcare costs, quality, and utilization. These insights are now faster and easier to share as well through functional enhancements that improve the overall customer experience.

“Healthcare data analytics power the entire industry,” said Emad Rizk, president and CEO of Verscend. “The sources and volume of relevant data have significantly expanded, and organizations must be able to ingest and leverage this data as efficiently as possible.

“Data management accuracy and speed have always been important, but organizations are now putting a greater emphasis on usability and ensuring that intelligence is directly accessible to multiple roles within the organization. Verscend has invested in our performance analytics solutions to address this point for our clients and help them more easily and readily get insights to solve complex problems.”

Powered by DxCG Intelligence, Medical Intelligence has been an essential component of healthcare organizations’ risk management and performance improvement initiatives for over a decade. Medical Intelligence facilitates risk identification and stratification, highlights unnecessary variations in practice patterns, and pinpoints opportunities for clinically sound, financially effective action to improve both clinical and financial outcomes.

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