Webinar to address healthcare risk management


A webinar held by Wells Fargo Insurance will address healthcare industry regulation, trends, and risk management.

The healthcare sector is complex and changing rapidly as organizations pursue new business models and delivery systems, and work in an evolving regulatory climate.

The webinar, to be held at 2pm ET on September 23, will examine the trends that are creating new risks and risk management challenges for the healthcare industry.

Three industry professionals will discuss market, regulatory, and liability risk trends, with a focus on market trends, including capital markets developments, the effect of Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation, rapid healthcare cost inflation, shifts in employer-sponsored plan design, and the rise in consumerism.

They will also address changes in healthcare delivery due to the ACA, modifications to HIPAA Omnibus Rule requirements; and how insurance can help manage, limit, and cap risks and liabilities, and how its use can complement other risk transfer and allocation mechanisms.

How to develop a risk management platform combining due diligence, legal, and risk strategies will also be explored. This program is appropriate for CEOs, CFOs, risk managers, and other senior managers responsible for managing strategic and operational risk.

Further details can be found here: https://wfis.wellsfargo.com/newsroom/events/pages/healthcareindustryregulationtrendsandriskmanagement.aspx

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