WebPT launches integrated patient outcomes tracking product


WebPT, a web-based electronic medical record (EMR) solution for physical, occupational and speech therapists, has launched WebPT Outcomes, a first-of-its-kind patient outcomes tracking and analysis platform.

Using data collected through built-in outcome measurement tools (OMTs), WebPT Outcomes generates visual reports and detailed, comparative summaries that analyze performance at the patient, therapist, clinic and company levels. In addition to enabling individual therapists and clinic owners to more effectively manage their practices, this technology provides the general rehab therapy community with a means of objectively demonstrating value to payers, referring physicians and consumers.

“Historically, rehab therapists haven’t had access to the amount of data necessary to approach payment rate and insurance contract negotiations with confidence,” said Dr Heidi Jannenga, WebPT’s founder and president.

“With WebPT Outcomes, they can finally prove their strength and effectiveness as practitioners and assert their value as members of the overall healthcare continuum.” 

With the national trend toward collaborative care and value-based payment models — most of which incentivize the delivery of high-quality care — the ability to track and analyze patient outcomes is becoming increasingly important.

“Payers aren’t interested in subjective arguments about the value therapists bring to the table,” Jannenga said. “They’re interested in data, and that’s why outcomes tracking will prove mission-critical to the success and viability of all healthcare practices in the coming months and years.”

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