Western Litigation services endorsed by AHA


The American Hospital Association (AHA) has exclusively endorsed the professional liability claims and risk management solutions offered by Western Litigation (WLI). AHA Solutions, a subsidiary of AHA, awards the AHA Endorsement to products and services that help member hospitals and care organizations achieve operational excellence.

The WLI solution was endorsed following an extensive due diligence process that identified it as a leader in not only investigating claims and managing the litigation process, but also in consulting hospitals and care systems to help mitigate liability risk.

The solutions offered by Western Litigation reflect shifts in the way healthcare organizations address risk. As the professional liability insurance crisis peaked, many healthcare organizations turned to alternative risk transfer programs, which often proved to be an affordable option. The shift, however, has created an operational challenge within the field of healthcare: professional liability and claims management.

“Claims management historically controlled by commercial carriers is now the immediate challenge of a care system already burdened with the shift to a value-based model,” said Anthony Burke, president and CEO of AHA Solutions.

“Add to that a drive toward greater efficiency; increased risk assumed by employing physicians, escalating deductibles, and lower excess and reinsurance; plus an expansion of disclosure/apology programs as transparency becomes accepted – the need for outsourced professional liability claims and risk management is clear.”

He said that WLI’s strong commitment to the operational excellence of hospitals and care systems is evident in its proprietary Genesis software platform and staff of experienced experts, including attorneys, insurance claims executives, registered nurses and certified healthcare risk managers.

“For more than 19 years, WLI has worked to develop a reputation for quality and innovation in the field. It is gratifying to have that effort acknowledged, and we look forward to working in partnership with AHA to help member hospitals lower their overall cost of risk in this ever-changing professional liability marketplace,” said Robert Blasio, president and CEO of WLI. 

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