Xchanging launches Medicare reporting services


Technology provider Xchanging has partnered with Gould & Lamb to offer a medicare reporting service.

The tie-in allows insurers to check and report on US Medicare eligible claimants to the Centre for Medicare Services (CMS).

The newly developed service offers an end to end packaged solution, encompassing data harvesting and negotiations around the amount payable to Medicare, whilst freeing claims professionals from the time currently required to obtain and record claimant information. 

Insurers who aren’t currently reporting correctly, or who aren’t reporting at all, may be exposed to heavy fines and recovery action. CMS has the authority to fine insurers internationally for non-reporting compliance up to $1000 per claim per day.

Kerry Rainer, head of service, Xchanging Claims Services, said:  “We are delighted to announce that we are working with Gould & Lamb to provide a new way for insurers to report eligible claims to the US Medicare Authority and to offer a full Medicare reporting service to our customers. Backed by a leading team of professional adjusters with a proven ability in claims handling and service delivery, this service sits at the heart of our portfolio and offers an efficient and innovative solution to our clients.”

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