ZeOmega launches health management solution


ZeOmega has launched a new population health management solution that aims to reduce readmissions and lower costs.

The solution, Jiva 5.6, comes with major enhancements that include advanced analytics, patient registries, dashboards, medication therapy management (MTM) and other data-sharing tools.

Jiva 5.6 also includes advances such as predictive analytics around risk for hospitalization, fully integrating medication therapy management with care management, and performance dashboards for proactive management of quality initiatives.

The enhancements in the latest release are designed to reduce admissions, lower healthcare costs and improve the patient experience by helping healthcare organizations proactively identify and engage with patients most at risk for hospitalization.

ZeOmega said that Jiva's dashboards and patient registries will help organizations proactively achieve compliance with accountable care organizations (ACOs), CMS and other performance guidelines for improved care transitions and maximum reimbursement while supporting the best patient experience possible.

The integration of medication therapy management (MTM) into Jiva's overall patient care management process will help reduce avoidable and costly medication-related readmissions and emergency room visits.

In addition, Jiva's enhanced data sharing infrastructure enables clients to more seamlessly share data between Jiva and disparate clinical, administrative and financial systems in the healthcare ecosystem by using Jiva's public application program interface (API).

“We have long envisioned the need for payers and providers to work together in care management to achieve the common goal of better patient health, and that fact drove many of the enhancements in Jiva 5.6,” said Nandini Rangaswamy, executive vice president and chief strategy officer at ZeOmega.

“We continually evolve our Jiva platform so that it delivers powerful yet easy-to-use tools that help facilitate collaboration, especially as it relates to effective care transitions and improving the population's overall health.”

The enhanced platform also enables patient self-assessments, which gives care coordinators better, real-time data that drives the level of patient engagement needed to achieve optimal outcomes.

“To truly improve the patient experience, reduce healthcare costs and improve population health, the technology and data-sharing tools care teams need must be aligned with where the industry is going, and we believe that Jiva 5.6 is at the forefront of that course,” Rangaswamy concluded. “Whether it's enabling mobility for care coordinators or delivering communication tools that patients expect as consumers of healthcare, Jiva will continue to evolve so care teams and patients together become more engaged in the care management process, which will lead to a healthier population and more affordable healthcare.”

ZeOmega, Nandini Rangaswamy, US