ERM in 2017


Welcome to HRMR’s special report on Enterprise Risk Management – a discipline that has transformed the landscape of healthcare risk management in recent years and is still developing. In this report our experts examine the importance of a whole-organization approach to ERM, starting at executive level; they outline the characteristics of successful ERM programs and the traits of organizations that most successfully employ an ERM approach; and they explore how an ERM approach can enhance strategic decisions. They also discuss how ERM programs need to evolve to deliver value, and how ERM can enhance healthcare organization governance and management. We hope you enjoy this in-depth look at ERM and how it can equip your organization to perform better in 2017.

Jenny White, Editor


Leading the field

What makes an enterprise risk management program truly effective? Steven Minsky, CEO of LogicManager and author of the RIMS Risk Maturity Model, outlines the top five characteristics of leading healthcare ERM programs.


The power of ERM

With enterprise risk management now a key initiative for many US hospitals, Michelle Foster Earle, president of OmniSure Consulting Group, explores how it can enhance strategic decisions.


Beyond buying insurance

Taking a holistic, business-focused approach to enterprise risk management can reap dividends, writes Frank Strenk, senior vice president Risk Management Services for Lockton.


Beyond risk identification

Terry Puchley, PwC risk assurance health industries leader, Stephen Zawoyski, PwC risk assurance enterprise risk management leader and Chris Toppi, PwC risk assurance director explore how this can be achieved.


A powerful approach to healthcare governance

Enterprise risk management is increasingly being adopted as a way of doing business in healthcare.


The route to successful ERM

How can you make the most of enterprise risk management? Ken Felton, National Health Care Practice, Willis Towers Watson and Elizabeth Osgood, Strategic Risk Consulting, Willis Towers Watson, outline the keys to an effective ERM approach for your hospital/health system.